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Dr. Phyto products are made under a philosophy of ingredients and effectiveness are king. Not marketing hype and label claims (adding a small amount of a nutraceutical that's "in-the-news" just to put it on the label). Charles says, "I strive to make the entire ingredient list from "actives", and avoid carriers wherever possible".  Dr. Phyto products are used by Charles and his family and therefore, they have to be good.

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Science and Nature produce fertile ideas & effective products 

Philosophy behind Dr. Phyto products and direction of future growth.

March 25, 2004

Charles Armes - PresidentCharles Armes founder and president of Phyto Technologies, Inc., a.k.a. Dr. Phyto, has spent the past two decades conducting research into just what makes a good natural medicine, how it should be produced from plants and other natural substances, what makes its various ingredients synergistic, and how it can be delivered, absorbed, and assimilated into the body. 

Dedicated to quality, understanding, and the pursuit of products which actually work and therefore have real value (as opposed to marketing hype and trend milking), Charles' efforts have been paying off.  The company has six exceptional product lines in production. Additionally, the core of technologies which the company has now developed, are producing fertile ideas and viable new products, many of which are soon to be released.

Charles sees his leadership role as a function of ensuring that action is true to core values and vision of Phyto Technologies, and that challenge is answered within that framework.

The core values:

Integrity: What this means to us is that we will always represent what we make, our technology, or our services truthfully and openly. We have no interest in selling one thing, and delivering another. If you want the best, that's what gives us the most pleasure to make. If you want something less than tops (for market position or because the 'best' just prices you out of the market) then we will deliver a product designed that way and explain exactly where it stands. We have no interest in making cheep. There are plenty of companies that can deliver that if that's what you want. It's no fun for us. Likewise, the product design cycle isn't rushed. We do not 'pop' products out overnight. Thoroughness is gold because it insures that not only the products work, but that there are zero to minimal unforeseen problems to 'pop-up' later after the product is in the marketplace. Also, we don't have loose lips. Your products are not discussed with outsiders for any reason. Confidentiality is the golden rule. Likewise, our own internal science, which is often discussed with the client so that they can make informed decisions, are expected to be treated with similar respect and confidentiality, and an agreement of such will be required.

Innovation: What this means to us is twofold. First, that the product design cycle includes either answering a new customer need or bringing a new and exciting aspect into the product's design. We believe that any product can be improved, and considering our approach using research and the scientific method, see no reason to include product development that doesn't encompass some new and exciting aspect for the product. Second, innovation needs to be conveyed to the ultimate customer, the consumer. Therefore, we expect to work closely with your marketing and advertising teams to ensure that maximum return (customer satisfaction and sales volume) is achieved for the innovation provided. Be expected to clearly discuss the goals and features of any product's design cycle. We cannot proceed without clear communication.

Partnering: Your success is our success. We are primarily a research and development company. As such, we have little marketing, especially to the consumer. Therefore, your success in marketing is essential to our return on investment, even considering up-front engineering fees for development which almost always pay for time and materials with little or no net profits. Our profits are tied to your profits from sales volume.  Start-up costs need to be distributed. Most always, there will need to be up-front monies to start production unless some alternate arrangement is made. The tighter the margin we are expected to work on, the higher the percentage of up-front material costs will need to be provided. We are not into banking. We intend to be the best thing to happen to a marketing company.

The Vision:

We see our vision as an extension of our core values into the future. We want to become renowned for these values, and thus, provide us with a reputation that is marketable into a group of clients whose own values are compatible with ours. When this is so, all that is left is to handle the challenges. The core values then become a sort of voice to keep us on the same page. Likewise, your vision for the future should be copasetic with our extended core values. We want to know how your see your products lining up and positioned into the future. Comparing each of our future visions is an excellent way to predict our co-success as partners into the future.

Here are a couple of recent examples of our "Core Values" put into action:

An example is the new Creatine-Chelate with Minerals sports formulation for strength, energy and overall health. This product utilizes the new "Chelated" Creatine which doesn't break down in the stomach acid (90% of regular creatine can break down into useless creatinine in stomach acid). "Other manufacturers who have started using the patented creatine chelate (chelated with magnesium), are only providing a small portion of the chelate (because it's more expensive), and the rest as conventional creatine monohydrate." "They get a name claim, but their customers don't get much more than before." Creatine, as you may know, supplies phosphates to regenerate ATP molecules, also known as the energy currency of the body. Creatine can increase endurance and help make you stronger. The magnesium is essential to both the creation and utilization of creatine, and in hundreds of other reactions. What's more, is that Creatine-Chelate besides containing magnesium, comes with all the rest of the macro-minerals in chelated form and in balance with the magnesium. We add them because, ALL the minerals need to be there "in balance" if we are to get the highest benefit. Actually, minerals are more important than many realize. For instance, most chemical reactions in your body take place via enzymes which are special assisting proteins. At the heart of most of these enzymes, are minerals. They are essentially the "spark plug" of the enzyme. Also, the minerals (as electrolytes) are necessary for the electric charges that take place in all of our "electro-chemical" body. No charge carriers (no electricity) and the cell grinds to a halt. So minerals are of utmost importance and equally as important as vitamins. In this light, it just doesn't make sense to build a chelated-creatine, and not include the rest of the minerals.

Another product is Phyto-LEAN, a non-stimulant super nutrient weight loss supplement. "What we did was look at every nutraceutical, herb, vitamin, and enzyme that had clinical evidence for effecting weight loss, combined them with knowledge of the endocrine system and the Krebs cycle, and put them into a pill (actually 3 pills per dose because we couldn't fit them all into one pill)." "If you don't lose weight with this supplement, you won't with any other pill either." Of course, "You must change your diet and exercise with or without any pill, cause that's the way it works." "There is no miracle pill." "This is another way that we are different. We will tell you the truth, and it only improves our credibility. This product has a very low return rate and higher re-order rate as compared to other weight loss products.

Many other innovative products are in development, but we cannot discuss them on a public web page.

Thank you for your patronage and stay tuned for exciting developments and products.  If you would like to be informed of these new products when they become available, please join our news letter, and check the box for new product notifications. click here. If you are in search of your own next new and exciting product, please give us a call. We will put our core values to work for you.
Science and Nature produce fertile ideas and effective products

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