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We Manufacture: Natural Weight Loss, Fitness, Bodybuilding, SuperFoods, Low Carb Diets, Herbal Extracts, Aromatherapy, Bath & Spa Products, Educational Videos, etc.
Natural Herbal Medicine Editorial
Our Natural Herbal Supplements are produced from organic and wildcrafted herbs using state-of-the-art Whole-FractionTM technology to provide a true representation of the original plant, not isolated markers. This provides for higher efficacy while microencapsulation provides for higher bioavailability .
natural minerals from ancient sea beds provide our source of electrolytes for our bath salts
Chelated minerals are specially formulated mineral supplements designed to improve absorption of essential nutrients into the body. This technology is used in our internal supplements.
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Synergy Nutrition for your best workout ever.
Synergy Nutrition products are based upon the latest advancements in Nutrition, Weight Loss (metabolism), and Sports Nutrition (ATP synthesis, muscle growth and protection, and recovery).



At Dr. Phyto, we provide the information and natural products you need for beautiful and vibrant health (you add the exercise and attitude!) 

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Doctor Phyto Reseach

Glutamine - Tyrosine Growth Factor with B-12New Glutamine - Tyrosine Growth Factor with B-12:
Stimulates HGH release up to 430%
It seems that every
cell in the body uses glutamine, which among many other functions, serves the anabolic needs of the whole body.

Super Nutrient
Weight Loss
Now with Guggul-
 Combines non-stimulant Phyto-LEAN Super Nutrient Weight Loss fat destroyers with specific nutrients needed by your glands to turn up your metabolism. 

Learn Natural Medicine the easy way with the Healthy Body SystemsDr. Kliesh's Lecture Series on the Nine Body Systems Educational Videos by Dr. Roger Kliesh, N.D., Ph.D. Nine Body Systems... Nine Outstanding Videos.


Creatine Ribose Energy Recovery FormulaNew Creatine - Chelate with Minerals
Creatine which has been Chelated along with a complete Mineral Supplement. Stable creatine doesn't break down in stomach acid, and therefore is completely absorbed in the intestines. Provides balanced minerals for a full synergistic effect.

Whole-FractionWhole-Fraction microencapsulated Herbal ExtractsTM microencapsulated herbal extracts. provides the Full spectrum of healing compounds in our botanical medicines and a true representation of the original plant.

Exotic Essence Pure EssentialExotic Essence Clinical Grade Aromatherapy Oils Oils. Clinical Grade  Aromatherapy Oils provide physiological benefits. This line represents quality and professional results.

Visit our Electronic Library of Natural Medicine and find the answers you were looking for.

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Need Relief? 
Sofie's Aromatherapy FacialSofie's Aromatherapy Facial Pillows Pillows  Absolutely the Finest Aromatic-
medicine formulas made for:

Headache,  Sinus,  Sleep,  Stress

Soak in Therapeutic Formulas: Sofie's Sofie's Botanical Sea Bath Salts Botanical Sea Baths are a relaxing way to treat common ailments by soaking in herbs, essential oils, and minerals (called Immersion Therapy), it is total body engagement in a healing liquid medium. 13 formulas in all.

Or try
Sofie's Goodbye Cellulite mineral scrub, which is loaded with beneficial lipids and vitamins for skin that's velvety soft.

Although we manufacture very high quality natural health care products and the most holistic (wholistic) herbal extracts available, we are now working to provide you with information you can use to understand how your body and natural medicines work together. This library of information is starting to take shape as we get it organized for you. Meanwhile, we want you to know that, we will do whatever it takes to deliver the best that Nature has to offer. Quality and Effectiveness are our number one priority. You are our chief concern.
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Sofie's Bath, Body Care and Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy Essential Oils

Synergy Nutrition Fitness Supplements

Health Education Videos

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I trust that our information and natural products, have, and will always be a source of joy and health to you.
Charles K. Armes
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