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Facial Pillows

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Sofie's Pillows & Oils: Headache Pillow Headache Oils Sinus Pillow Sinus Oils Sleep Pillow Sleep Oils Stress Pillow Stress Oils

Aromatherapy Facial / Eye Pillows for
Headache, Sleep, Stress, and Sinus Conditions

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Sofie's Pillows are a Convenient and Effective method of applying Aromatherapy

see the index to our Aromatherapy Pillows and Refresher Oils below

Aromatherapy Pillows are applied to the face and provide effective relief for Headache, Sinus Congestion, Stress, and Insomnia, etc.

Sofie's are the Finest Clinical Grade Pillows Available anywhere. Sofie's Pillows are made of soft and natural hand sewn rayon fabric and are filled with organic flax seeds which are infused with pure essential oils. The pillows conform to the shape of your face or body, and provide a convenient and effective method of applying Aromatherapy. The essential oils are blended into formulas for specific health concerns, such as headache, sinusitis, insomnia, and stress.

The pillows are filled with a generous portion of both flax seeds and essential oils. You cannot find an Aromatherapy pillow of better quality. Each pillow has a Velcro zipper so that the seeds can be removed for recharging with essential oils (once they have evaporated), and to wash the fabric if necessary.

Sofie's Aromatherapy Facial Pillows are available in the four formulas at right. The Facial Pillows are specifically sized to reach your temples and cheek bones (for your sinuses). The notch is for your nose. Just lay back and apply the pillow to your face. You will experience an amazing sensation as the essential oils penetrate your temples, face and sinus, and the weight of the flax seed gently easies tension away. "It's as if a healer has placed their hands on your face".

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Facial Pillows for:

Headache / Migraine

Sinus / Congestion/ Snoring

Sleep / Insomnia

Stress / Nervousness

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Choose from Four Wonderful Formulas!

Application:   In addition to the effect of the essential oils (Aromatherapy), Hot or Cold Therapy can be achieved by heating or chilling the pillow before application. Warmth can be applied by heating in a microwave oven for 20 to 30 seconds (never over heat). Moisture can be achieved by a light misting of the pillow for a soothing moist heat. (caution: do not get the seeds wet.) Cold Pack: Gentle cold can be provided by placing the pillow in its zip-lock storage bag and placing in the freezer for a half hour or so. Note: always return your pillow to its storage container to keep the essential oils from evaporating while not in use.

To download a brochure about this product (208 kb. pdf), click here.

Aromatherapy Pillows and Refresher Oils
(Note: These Aromatherapy Pillows contain one milliliter of essential oils (approximately 40 drops) which have been soaked into the flax seed over a 24 hour period. Refresher oils should be added sparingly (ten drops or so) to the flax which has been previously removed to a separate sealable container, and then stirred around. Leave to soak into the seeds for several hours before refilling the pillow with them.)
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For Detailed information such as a pillow's Ingredients, including the essential oils in the formula, click on the links below.
Facial Pillows (Rayon pillow including organic flax seed infused with essential oil formula for the following:Pillows come with Keep Fresh jar

Headache Help Aromatherapy Pillow (for use on the face)

Sinus Soothe Aromatherapy Pillow (for use on the face)

Deep Sleep Aromatherapy Pillow (for use on the face)

Stress Ease Aromatherapy Pillow (for use on the face)


Refresher Oils (for refreshing pillow strength and for general use such as in a diffuser, facial steam, etc.)

1/3rd ounce (10 ml.) dropper bottle containing essential formula.

And Now: New 1 ml. single Refresher Cards 
(usage information on back side). 

Headache Help Refresher Oils (for pillows and general use)

Sinus Soothe Refresher Oils (for pillows and general use)

Deep Sleep Refresher Oils (for pillows and general use)

Stress Ease Refresher Oils (for pillows and general use)

pink_petals_light.gif (12494 bytes) Order Sofie's Aromatherapy Pillows today,

You will be glad you did!


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