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We Manufacture: Natural Weight Loss, Fitness, Bodybuilding, SuperFoods, Low Carb Diets, Herbal Extracts, Aromatherapy, Bath & Spa Products, Educational Videos, etc.

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Glutamine - Taurine Growth Factor with B-12
Anabolic, Anticatabolic, Immunonutrient

Highly Effective Synergistic Formula

Detailed Product Information

Glutamine Article

  • Stimulates release of Growth Hormone by up to 430%
  • Prevents Glutamine level depression after strenuous exercise, stress, or trauma.
  • Builds Muscle (anabolic), and prevents muscle breakdown during reduced calorie/carbohydrate diets (anticatabolic)>

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Pricing and Ordering

Available in 60 serving Natural Grape Flavor package.

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Pricing and Ordering

Available in a 270 capsule, 90 serving package

Phyto-LEAN Super Nutrient Weight Loss Formula

"Supplying the Nutrition needed to Turn-UP your Metabolism!"

Phyto-LEAN provides powerful ingredients which cause your body to burn fat and even prevent its creation. Yet, Phyto-LEAN goes a step further. It gives your body the nutritional factors it needs to operate and utilize energy properly. These super nutrients break the problem of the "eat" cycle, where your body goes on an endless search for the nutrition it needs to operate, especially when you try to loose weight. 

Thermogenic, Lipolytic, Non-Stimulant, Metabolic Precursor Formula

  (compare value; one serving provides an astounding 2200 mg. of actives!  No other supplement even comes close.) 
Full Description

CREATINE and RIBOSE Formulas for
Energy, Metabolism & Recovery

4 Unique and Highly Effective Formulas:

  1. Creatine Chelate Information
  2. Creatine with Ribose Information
  3. Creatine with Aminos (available next week)
  4. Ribose with GTF (available next week)
  • Chelated Creatine doesn't require insulin spiking (sugar dosing) to drive it into your muscles, saving you from insulin's "fat storage" signal.
  • Chelated creatine is not affected by stomach acid, and since it is directly absorbed, it doesn't sit in your gut and cause bloating.
  • Immediately replaces the Ribose lost to anaerobic exercise, that otherwise takes your body three days to produce.

"Ribose more than doubles the effectiveness of Creatine!"
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Pricing and Ordering
Creatine Chelate
Creatine - Ribose

Available in 30 day Natural Grape Flavor package.

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Pricing and Ordering

Available in 1.2 Lb.
and 10 Lb. sizes.

Sofie’s Botanical Sea Baths  (Immersion Therapy Formulas)

These Immersion Therapy formulas are designed with Essential Oils, Herbal Extracts, and Mineral Electrolytes. They are made from the highest quality ingredients. There are twelve formulations in all, designed for specific health concerns. These formulae work by absorption through the skin and olfactory organs. They provide Aromatherapy, Herbal medicine, and Mineral electrolytes through the medium of the bath. Wonderfully relaxing and rejuvenating, you can feel, smell, and absorb the therapeutic substances in a healing immersion therapy experience.

Enjoy a Clinical Aromatherapy Spa Experience in your own home. 

Full Description

Whole-Fraction Microencapsulated Herbal Extracts
(liquid herbal medicines)

These exceptional extracts are prepared from high quality wildcrafted and organic botanicals by Succussive Maceration in alcohol, water and vegetable lipids to the point where the extract becomes Saturated (reaches its highest obtainable concentration). Vegetable glycerine, resins and phospholipids are then added and the alcohol is removed through a low temperature encapsulation process. These are the only extracts in which all phytonutrients of the original plant are retained in the finished product, thereby providing a true "whole" representation of the original plant. These extracts have a very low alcohol content; typically 15 percent, which is left as a natural preservative. Truly Holistic liquid extracts, they provide a convenient and effective way of taking herbal medicine.
Full Description

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Pricing and Ordering

Available in 1 and 4 fl. oz. sizes.

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Pricing and Ordering

Exotic Essence Aromatherapy (Pure Essential Oils)

These true essential oils are complete whole botanical distillates or expressions. They have not been solvent extracted, nor are they fragrance oils, which refers to synthetics. In essence, they are the concentrated molecular constituents that gives a botanical its fragrance. Essential oils are considered part of the "life force" of a plant, and can be considered the plant analogue of hormones. These essences possess such pharmacodynamic activities as antiseptic, hypnotic, aphrodisiac, tonic, vesicatory, euphoric, and analgesic actions.

Clinical Grade Essential Oils for Effective Aromatic Medicine.

Available in 1/3rd and 1 fl. oz. sizes.
Full Description

Healthy Body Systems by Dr. Roger Kliesh, N.D., Ph.D.
(Circulatory, Respiratory, Nervous, Immune, Urinary, Intestinal, Glandular, Digestive, and Structural Systems)

Each of these nine exceptional videos cover a system of the body in the context of "how to" repair and maintain it for better health. Specific suggestions for the use of Herbs, Aromatherapy, Exercise, Nutrition, and Lifestyle are presented for each system. The videos also provide invaluable information, exposing the true reasons behind break-down of the body systems, resulting in, for instance: Heart Disease, Indigestion, Obesity, Alzheimer's disease, Insomnia, Osteoporosis, Frequent occurrences of Colds and Flu, just to name a few. They are packed full of easy to comprehend information that you can put to work immediately to recover or maintain your health

Experience the:
"Wow, I didn't know that!" effect with Dr. Kliesh
  Full Description

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Pricing and Ordering

Approximately 45 minutes each; VHS format.

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Pricing and Ordering

Sofie's™ Aromatherapy Facial Pillows  (Formulas for Headache, Insomnia, Stress, and Sinus Congestion.)

These Aromatherapy Facial Pillows are made of soft and natural hand sewn rayon fabric and are filled with organic flax seeds which are imbued with pure essential oils. The pillows conform to the shape of your face or body, and provide a convenient and effective method of applying Aromatherapy. The essential oils are blended into formulas for specific health concerns, such as headache, stress, sinusitis, insomnia, etc. Just lay back and apply the pillow to your face. You will experience an amazing sensation as the essential oils penetrate your temples, face and sinus, and the weight of the flax seed gently easies tension away.

Full Description

Finest Aromatherapy Pillows Made (Professional)

Comes in Air-Tight container so your formula is fresh

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Pricing and Ordering

Sofie's™ Mineral Salt Scrubs  (Goodbye Cellulite, Anti-Flame, Body Complexion, Romancing the Tone, Lavender Fields, and Sandalwoods)

Sofie's Mineral Salt Scrubs nourish and cleanse your skin like no other product can. That's because they are made with electrolytes, bentonite, plant lipids including phosphatidylcholine, and a rich mixture of herbal extracts, essential oils and vitamins, NOT rock salt, mineral oil, and fragrance like other products.

You won't believe how soft your skin will become.

Full Description

Finest Mineral Salts Scrubs made.



Alternately, If you would like a printable catalog and order form, you can download one in PDF format below.

Catalog in pdf format (Temporarily Unavailable)

Many of you have requested a catalog.  We were surprised by this, since our "on-line" store lists all our products, their prices, plus links to information pages for each item. Then we learned that many of you like to look at a paper copy while away from the computer monitor, so, we here provide you with a catalog in the popular PDF file format (version 4.0). Simply click on the link to the right to download this file. Then you can print it out. You will need the Acrobat Reader to view or print this catalog.

Sorry, printed catalog is being updated

Publication Date:
January 14, 2001

Blank Order Form in pdf format

This two page (front and back) Order Form is a convenient method of sending an order when you don't want to use the internet.  Just download it and print it. When you are ready, just FAX it to the toll-free number (866) 377-4986.

Alternative Medicine Catalog

If you don't have the Acrobat Reader, you can download and use it for free by clicking this link: 

current version: 4.0
(5.6 MB download)

Doctor Phyto™ provides the Highest Quality Natural Health Products Available, such as: Aromatherapy Herbal Mineral Bath Salts, Holistic Herbal Medicines, Aromatherapy Essential Oils and Facial Pillows, Educational Videos on Natural Health and your Body Systems, and more.

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