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Ultimate non-stimulant Weight loss Stack


Phyto-Lean Super Nutrient Weight Loss Stack





Phyto-LEAN is an advanced new Nutritional Weight Loss Formula which incorporates the latest clinical research on metabolism and weight loss. Phyto-LEAN provides powerful ingredients which cause your body to burn fat and even prevent its creation. Yet, Phyto-LEAN goes a step further by giving your body the nutritional factors it needs to operate and utilize energy properly. These super nutrients break the problem of the "eat" cycle, where your body goes on an endless search for the nutrition it needs to operate, especially when you try to lose weight.

Phyto-LEAN supplies nutrition to your thyroid, pituitary, and adrenal glands and therefore helps them to function at their best. Especially if you are trying to lose weight, the nutritional strain on your body can become severe. Without the correct nutrients, your body’s ability to synthesize metabolic hormones and enzymes is limited. Without these metabolic nutrients, your body cannot burn the fat you are trying to lose in the first place. Phyto-LEAN is packed with the necessary nutrition you need to switch your  metabolism into high gear.

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  • Stimulant-Free

  • Supplies Nutrition to Thyroid & Pituitary Glands

  • Enhances Lipolysis and Thermogenics

“The intelligent
way to lose weight and protect lean muscle.”

More Information on Phyto-LEAN


Creatine Chelate with Minerals

Creatine Chelate with Minerals

Stable Creatine

Creatine chelated with magnesium doesn't break down in your stomach acid. As you may know, up to 80% of the monohydrate of creatine can be converted to useless creatinine in you stomach. Chelating with magnesium prevents this and instead delivers the creatine to your blood stream where it is transported directly to your muscle cells.Creatine Magnesium Chelate with Minerals
  • Fully Absorbable Creatine Chelate doesn't 
    break down in stomach acid.

  • Increases ability to produce ATP.

  • 5 g's Chelated Creatine & 1 g. Phosphates per Serving.

  • Also provides Chelated Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, Manganese, Zinc, Copper, Boron, and Vitamin D3.

  • Increases Intelligence and Memory.

  • Keeps fat cells in Lipolysis (burn mode).

  • Increase overall Strength.

  • Support Lean Muscle Mass and Bone Density.

  • Increases Cell Volumization.

  • No Sugars, No Artificial Sweeteners or Flavors.

  • Delicious Natural Grape Flavor.

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Can be combined with Glutamine product below

More Information on Creatine Chelate

Replaces "Old School" Creatine Products

Anabolic Amino Support 

Glutamine-Taurine Growth Factor with B-12

Recovery, Anabolic, Anti-Catabolic, Immunonutrient, neuromodulator, Growth Hormone Releaser.

Glutamine is "muscle food", helping to replenish glycogen, repair muscle as well as build up more muscle, and to induce the release of human growth hormone! 

But muscle isn't the only tissue where protein is being synthesized. Glutamine serves the anabolic (tissue-building) needs of the whole body.

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Glutamine-Taurine Growth Factor with B-12

  • Stimulate Growth Hormone up to 430%.
  • Enhance Anabolism and inhibits Catabolism.
  • Protects Liver and Intestines.
Combine with any Creatine product and/or Ribose, or use by itself.

More Information on Glutamine-Taurine

Great for stimulating HGH

Protein Supplement:

   Low Carb Diet

Protein - Meal Replacement Bars

Weight loss begins with a low carb, high protein diet. These bars are an excellent solution for staying on track. They are the richest most decadent bars on the market. Being sugar free (diabetics choice, wheat free and gluten free) they will certainly help you attain your weight loss goals and satiate your appetite.

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Low Carb Diet - Protein Meal Replacement Bars

  • Only 3 grams of carbohydrates.
  • Use them as a meal replacement or even just as a healthy snack.
Great between meals or just after a workout.

More Information on Low Carb Diet Bars

Best Taste of all Protein Bars

Synergy Nutrition marks a new step toward using scientific information and innovation to bring about advances in the human condition and physique.  Our Creatine Ribose Energy & Recovery formula is proven to keep your strength and energy up, even on consecutive daily workouts.  Our innovative Phyto-LEAN Super Nutrient Weight Loss, is designed to break down and burn fat, protect lean muscle, and supply necessary nutrients required for your glands to run your metabolism.



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