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Research on Alternative Medicine and Phisiology

Welcome to our Library
of Natural Alternative Medicine

Natural Medicine, Herbology, and Aromatherapy

Doctor Phyto™ Alternative Natural Medicine Co. Doctor Phyto™ Alternative Natural Medicine Co. is primarily involved with research and development of botanical extracts and products based on them. We have excelled at this task. But to effect good health, you have to know which herbs to take, how to take them, and what to expect of the body's response to them. Getting this information to you is a primary concern for us.

It is one thing to read that you can take this or that for a specific problem, but if you are like me, you will want to know how it works, and how well it works. We have found the availability of this information lacking to the general public and health care professionals as well. With this library, we hope to partially rectify this problem.

Visit the Integrative Medicine Pages and look up your
Condition, Herbs, Supplements, Treatment Options, Drug Interactions, etc.
Botanical (Herb) Research Papers Here, you will find (when complete) a reference page to each botanical we extract or provide an essential oil of, complete with a clinical review plus abstracts of the actual clinical trials upon which the reviews are based. Content is focused on Herbology or Aromatherapy, or other natural medicine practices.


Here, you will find information regarding such topics as Metabolism, Weight Loss, Diet, Herbal Medicine and Holistic vs. Standardized Extracts, etc..
Natural Medicine Glossary / Dictionary Here, you will find definitions to all those words you are not quite sure of.
Physiology and Natural Medicine Here, you will find "white papers" on the major systems of the body and natural medicine, compiled from expert sources, "Did You Know?" articles covering supplements and your body, plus the "video papers" which contain the full text from educational video presentations on nine systems of the body by Dr. Roger Kliesh N.D., Ph.D.
Safety Guidelines And Here, you will find cautionary information concerning various herbs and essential oils.
Specific Health
Here, you will find (when complete) a reference page to each condition which can be addressed with Complementary and/or Alternative Medicine, complete with suggested therapies, plus abstracts of the actual clinical studies upon which the suggestions are based. Content is focused on Nutrition, Herbology,  Aromatherapy, physical medicine, or any other natural modality which can be of benefit.

Please note: not all of this wonderful information is in place yet. Please bear with us as we install it as fast as we can.

Library of Natural Alternative Medicine Research, Articles on Herbs, Holistic and Standardized Herbal Medicine, Body Systems, Natural Medicine Glossary / Dictionary, Herbal Cautionary Information, Physiology and Natural Health.

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